“I started making jewellery when I lost one earring, a gift from a dear friend, so I made a new one.”

Me and my ``fantastic`` jewellery

I am a young jewellery designer who has moved from Ljubljana to live in Florence, the cradle of Art history and Jewellery craftsmanship. I have always been very fond of everything that concerns Arts and Culture in general and jewellery in particular since I was young, this is why I studied Arts History in Ljubljana, then moved to Italy and attended courses in fine jewellery making in Milan and then in Florence, where I had the chance of working for some of the most known jewellery artisans: Alessandro Dari and Marco Garezzini.

People say that I appear very calm and sympathetic, no excesses in my way as you may expect from a creative person and then comes the surprise, my jewels! I define them “fantastic” as they are really the products of my fantasy, of my “intimate world” that comes to light through my contemporary design!

My jewels reveal more of me than my speech and through them I express my inner world full of opposite elements: order and craziness, serious beauty and subtle humoristic lightness, creepiness and hilarity.

My creativity does not come from the outside but it represents the surfacing of my unconsciousness! Craftsmanship, traditional techniques, Made in Italy 100% production, the Florentine best artisan collaborators and suppliers I work with, they are all the key elements of my production.

What does inspire me? My life, my day-by-day existence, the way I feel dealing with reality, my most profound contradictions.

My jewellery products can be defined as pieces of “contemporary luxury”. With my jewels I do not want to impress you with my capability in jewellery craftsmanship but I focus on the creative idea which is always characterized by opposites which encounter: refined and beautiful materials mixed with raw ones in the most simple way; the craziness of inner mechanisms which are hidden under perfect and simple shapes; precious and luxurious stones without any embellishments as beauty has to stand alone because I think that “beauty has a meaning in itself” or the beauty of imperfection I love manufacturing as “sometimes it is more important to be unique than perfect!” .

Research is what nurtures my creativity: new techniques, new materials, new shapes… the search for knowledge has and will always be the real driving force behind my work!


Every piece has its own story, in each work you will find that child, from my early years, when I was playing with beads.



Openig exhibition, Eho studio, Ljubljana

Tribute to Plečnik, gallery X, Bratislava

Zvezdni kamni – tektiti, Slovenian National museum Ljubljana

O oblikovanje, Cankarjev dom and Museum of architecture and design, Ljubljana


Zakulisje, Vilinski dvor, Maribor

Cliche shop and gallery, Ljubljana

Architectura perennis, Gallery Fenix, Ljubljana

Nora co-working, Florence


Nora co-working, Florence

Museo Bellini, Florence

Salone del Mobile, Milan

Galerija Drat, Izola

Museo Bellini, Florence


Mota, Ljubljana

Fillo Rosso 2015, Muggia

The light caught in stones, Slovenian National museum Ljubljana

Florence Design week, Florence


Nora co-working, Florence

Sierrad Art Fair, Confrontations contest, Amsterdam

Gallery Taktil, Izola

Ex Grege atelier, Florence


Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence

Nobil coleggio degli Orafi, Rome

SitiArtstore crystal palace, Ljubljana