Martina Lončar Jewelry is an expression of my internal world, full of contradictory elements: order and craze, earnest beauty, eeriness and joy, Integrating refined and raw materials. Often I consider decoration of jewels unnecessary, as I perceive their beauty as self- sufficient. It is the beauty of imperfection. Jewellery speaks a contemporary language adopting traditional manufacturing methods, all of the jewelry is 100% Made in Italy.

Minimal 2.0 is a result of further research how to use precious materials underlining its natural beauty and staying faithful to minimalistic aesthetic.


Noble materials: rough diamonds and 18k gold.


Natural, sublime, feminine, sexy and chic.

Addictive like real candies. Wrap these gems around your finger.



The El Dorado land where Candid arrives is the land covered in gold and precious stones.


Custom made unique pendant with rough garnet. Raw collection honors nature’s beauty.